Learning communication for sex, learning communication for life

Learn About Sex Coaching

What is Sex Coaching? 

In short, sex coaching is a results-focused approach to help people reach their sexual potential.  

There are multiple forms of sex coaching, including talk-only coaching, body-based coaching, and observational body-based coaching. I provide talk-only coaching.  

Sex coaching incorporates discussion, using exercises, home assignments, suggested materials and experiences, and more. It is part education and part inspiration, helping you to feel more in touch with your complete self.  

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What will I get out of Sex Coaching? 

Coaching is a highly curated experience. The results you attain are primarily based off of what you want to achieve, and the effort you put in.  

Some of the benefits my clients have garnered include: 

  • Learned to communicate their wants and desires to anyone.  
  • How to have difficult conversations with their partners.  
  • Learned how to have sexual satisfaction in a partnership with mismatched libidos.  
  • Learned the skills necessary to satisfy their partners.  
  • Became more connected to their bodies 
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Male Common Sexual Concerns
• Low or no sexual desire
• Early ejaculation
• Erectile dysfunction
• Delayed ejaculation
• Sexual inhibition
• Body image issues
• Social/dating skills deficit
• Desire for enhanced pleasure

Female Common Sexual Concerns
• Low or no sexual desire
• Preorgasmic primary (unable to reach orgasm, either alone or with a partner)
• Preorgasmic secondary (unable to reach orgasm with a partner)
• Dyspareunia (painful sex)
• Vaginismus
• Sexual inhibition
• Body image issues
• Social/dating skills deficit
• Desire for enhanced pleasure

Couple’s Common Sexual Concerns
• The “sexless relationship:” little or no sex in the relationship
• Aversion to touch or misplaced touch communication
• Conflicts about desire/uneven desire
• Conflicting values about monogamy
• Performance skills deficit
• Body image issues
• Communication style conflicts
• Negotiation skills deficit
• Desire for enhanced pleasure

Additional Concerns and Specialties:
• Exploring Sexual Orientation and Gender
• Exploring and negotiating Kink and Fetishes
• Exploring non-monogamy and polyamory

What will a session with Coach Lex be like?  

As mentioned above, I provide talk-only based coaching. These sessions are generally done via Zoom, or over the phone. I require that I be able to see your face during at least the first session. In-person sessions are available in New York City by special request.  

Your first session will include a comprehensive sexual history. Then we will dive deeper into your specific concerns. This will be a back and forth conversation wherein I learn about what makes you tick and try to find the best ways to help you. We will end the session by creating an action plan together in order to get you closer to your desired goal(s). 

What is the Cost? 

Initial Individual Session1 hour 30 minutes$250
Initial Couple’s Session2 hours$375
Follow-Up Sessions1 hour$200

How do I begin? 

We begin with a free forty-minute call to make sure I’m a good fit for your needs. That can be done over the phone or video chat, whichever is more comfortable for you. If I think it’s a good fit – meaning I can address your goals – we can then schedule your first full session.  

Ready to begin?